Thursday Thoughts

I don't find it difficult to find things to be thankful for. Shoot...just cause I wake up, I am thankful.

Maria at the Columbia Mall Williams & Sonoma was the epitome of customer service & knowledge. She almost sold me the dag on store.

On the other hand, NY & Company just got kicked to the proverbial curb. I don't use your friggin card for 13 months, so when I do, you want to run a credit check. Ummm....HELLZ NO! You don't need to run no damn credit check for a t-shirt. No playa. I don't think you are worth any of my money. Bye.

My neighbors cut down almost every tree around their house. I'm talking old growth trees...all the way back to the creek. Desolate is the word I'd use. Ugly is another.

Am I angry all the time at someone or something on my blog? Nope. After a review of 300 posts, 5 were "angry" at someone or something. Under 2% does not angry make. Is my language direct & to the point. Yep. Angry all the time...no. However, perception is reality.

Speaking of perception...I understand that the perception is that I live a charmed life. Yes, we are blessed. However, we didn't get here all magical like; it wasn't handed to us on a silver platter. Hard work, perseverance, commitment to our goals, taking risks (that have made my knees buckle on occassion) & failing forward are just some of what it took (and takes) to live this life.

I choose not to share all of my/our bag of woes, hardships and moments of despair with the world. Doing so would not change anything (there are enough people that like to share misery to go around) or what we need to do.

I choose to be happy and revel in the wonderful moments...."because in the end, it is not the years in your life, it's the LIFE in your years."- Abraham Lincoln

I agree that to whom much is given, much is expected.

However, that does not make me infallible or perfect. Ohhhh, I'm so far from it. I am a work in progress...trying to become like silver refined.

I make mistakes. I have been known to occasionally say or do something stoopit. I apologize for my imperfections and moments of insanity. Trust me...I do learn and grow from them. (And take drugs for my "nerves")

With that said, I sincerely apologize if I hurt someone by expressing my disappointment and confusion in a public forum. My method & tone was wrong. I'm sorry and wish them all the best.

Princess Cara lost her 1st tooth this past weekend. I played the role of Tooth Fairy (you know that was NOT a stretch) and I will probably have a recurring role in several upcoming dramatic episodes of "As The Tooth Falls Out"

I went back to a gym I used to teach kickboxing at to take their 3 week boot camp. HUMPH. I don't think I will be signing up for another round. The music is WAAAAYYY to fast for safety, improper technique is still used and laying down on the carpet that everybody wears their street shoes on to do exercises is just GROSS. I'll pass.

I am really loving my new "used" florescent beige hooptie. I affectionately call her Loverly.

Loverly is paid for. GMAC (and most other lenders) can bite my azz. You get a bail out of gazillions of dollars and now don't want to lend 2 cents to anybody. o_O

BTW...how you gonna tack on a $2800 "expense advance" (what da hell is that) charge to my bill and then when asked what da hell - you say "you're not sure what it is for."

Guess what...I ain't paying ish until you KNOW and EXPLAIN (and it better make some damn sense). I wonder how many people you've tried to play as boo boo the fool with that one.

Sitting at my District Meeting, I look around and once again I am the ONLY person of any color beyond the tanning bed session in the room. Sigh.

The Sunday BIG BREAKFAST has been elevated to family tradition along with Christmas Decorations put up starting the day after Thanksgiving (we don't shop, we build) ; the Army-Navy Party & Christmas PJ's. I LOVE IT!

Prince Jordan - Master of the Universe, Heir to the Empire - is coming home on Saturday for Thanksgiving. It is nearly KILLING me to not act like the mom in Transformers2. I am making the necessary Costco run (by request). Anything for the future King.

What your your thoughts this rainy, thundering Thursday?