Big Breakfast Give-Away

I really don't know how it got started, but this year The Kingdom started having just about every Sunday what has affectionately become known as "The Big Breakfast". I get up every Sunday and fix a buffet of yummy vittles for us to munch on. I think the best thing about it is not the just the food, but that we all get together as a family and tell stories (prolly lies too), fuss at each other and discuss the past weeks event and what's happening in the coming week. Since not everyone lives in The Castle, I often get a FB or Twitter message asking what is the status and ETA. HUMPH.

It is awesome.
I recently received two coupons to try out the Pillsbury® Grands!® Flaky Layers Honey Butter Biscuits at our "Big Breakfast" feast. That really wasn't too hard of a request to fulfill since we have Grands Biscuits just about every Sunday. This morning was no exception (cause I used the coupons, see). Let me tell ya...not a complaint or sound was heard. As a matter of fact, they must have been warm, buttery, yummy snacks because of the two cans that I made, there are only 3 biscuits left. Ummmm, yeah. I consumed on with my crab omelet and it was, in fact, DELISH.

We loved them so much, I want to share some of the flaky goodness with you. If you would like to receive a Honey Butter Prize Pack consisting of two coupons & a butter dish w/knife, then leave me a comment about what you make for special family breakfasts. The winner will be selected randomly from all those that submit a comment by Wednesday, December 16th.

Just so you know...Pillsbury provided me with the free product, information, and prize pack through MyBlogSparkTM. So don't go gettin you panties all in a bunch.