On the 6th Day of Christmas....

...A Blizzard a Ragin.

I was supposed to go to Erin's SnowBunny Birthday Bash tonight. Had the tight red dress & spanx all ready to go, but alas, we got about 20 sumptin inches of snow instead. In the spirit of staying flexible and letting nothing or nobody steal my holiday joy, we decided to work on the Gingerbread House project from my Christmas Magic list. Talk about glee. Princess Cara had a wonderful time..."Look at it, don't touch it!" I guess we have been told.
The attention span of a 5 year old is about 5 min (if that) because as soon as they were done & instructions were giving to not touch her houses, she wanted to put on all her snow gear and go outside to play. Go for it. Stay out there with your PopPop while he shovels the snow cause I'm staying up in da house.

Okay, maybe I'll go out and take some pictures...Maybe.

Enjoy the video.

Are you getting hit with the Blizzard of December 09? What ya doing with yourself?