New Years Eve Randoms

Why is it everytime I gotta go somewhere lately the sky opens up and dumps a bunch of snow? Don't you know I live out here in the country. Uggaahhh.

A whole lot of knowledge doesn't mean a whole lot when bounced off a mangled moral compass. 0_O

Nobody should treat your husband better than you do. Ever. Don't let me hear that again as an excuse to occassionally behave badly.

Loved the movie Julie & Julia. I think Julia Childs and I are kindred spirits. She was so flamboyant, tenacious & fearless...she LOVED her husband. Now just to be able to debone a duck..."do not be afriad of the duck."

Imma tell you what, this business of husband & wife having an argument and the husband walking out the house and staying gone for a couple of days is ABSOLUTE BULLSHYT! I wish a mofo would do that bytchassedness up over here. You'll be looking for a friggin locksmith cause those keys at gonna work. Hope you like that pallet I put out in the yard for you.

When did we lose the art of frank discussion & conflict resolution so that you are not cussing each other, hitting each other and/or running from the damn house. You wouldn't DARE do that mess at work or talk to your boss the way you talk to your spouse - SO WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?

2010...Imma need us to do better.

How you gonna call me up and ask me for $50 for new shoes (when you were given a pair to Tims two days previously)? When I said no, you called two other family members asking for more or less of the same amount, but for differet reasons. WHAT! You don't think we talk. Girl, BYE!

How you gonna call my son and ask to see him before he goes back to college, but don't want to come over here. You asked him to meet you over GMa's house instead. You still mad about something that happened 18yrs ago - that YOU were in the wrong about? You actually THINK that you are punishing us. Bwaaaahaaahaaahaaa! PUUUHHHHLEEEEEZEEE.

How many times do I have to tell people to STOP hustling me on FB. I'm not shopping at your site that I have to register for (especially when the tag line is "hurry up so you can make money before your friends find out). I also don't take kindly to solicitations to join some network marketing group that implys that if you don't do it - you are a loser. GTFOOHWTBS. Thank you.

Princess Cara is a friggin hoot. You should have seen her reaction when two boyscouts staying at my house got in a fight over a old penquin (that did in fact use to belong to them, but was now considered hers) and they slit the penquins throat. High Drama Indeed.

I love my new Coach Slippers soooooo much that I almost wore them right out of the house.

I really enjoy going to tea. Tea on the Tiber has a wonderful Victorian tea room with beautiful authentic china & great food...right up until I got to the paper napkins. Imma need ya'll to use linen. That was, IMHO, a tad tacky.

Yes, I guess I could be considered filled with contracitions. I'm girly, I love sparkly stuff, I like tea & fine things...and I smoke cigars. WHATEVER. Fix your face. I didn't invite you and I don't care what you think.

I do what I want.

Sparkly eye shadow makes me feel good on the inside...I think I'll wear some today.

Happy New Year.