Thursday Thoughts

You call 20x prior to Thanksgiving asking who is gonna pick you up, when are they coming, can you come over early etc. etc. Turkey Day rolls around and you say you have a ride and will be there by 2pm.

You never showed. Never called. Silence. Empty place setting.

There are good days and bad days with this job. I hate having to wait. I got better things to do. Today was irritating to say the least.

The African American Service Academy Graduate Super Reunion is going to be an absolute blast if the planning meeting last night was any indication.

Sitting at my last appointment for the day....45 minutes after my scheduled appointment time. In walks the next sales rep exuding happiness & light - a male with the enthusiasm of somebody on fire. If he doesn't stop grinning up in my mug piece, I'm going to stab in in they eye with my pen.

The low engine oil light came on as I was backing out of the garage with no man unit in sight. I had to lift the hood, check the oil level, add a quart ALL BY MY SELF. I didn't have time to be a Diva in Distress. Had to do what I had to do and keep it moving.

I didn't say I liked it.

That Nestle Hotline thing was hilarious. Good to see a company that has a sense of humor.

So, she calls Mom 4 days after Thanksgiving saying she's fainting and having heart palpitations. "Take off work tomorrow so you can take me to the hospital. I'll call you when to get me."

Two days have passed...no word. Guess she still lives.

Tiger (Pussycat) Woods...I don't really care about the details. Elin handled her business and now THEY have to handle their marriage, life & prenup all by their damn selves. He didn't kill anyone. He got busted for sheer stupidity (sexting; 3 different ho's - DUMBAZZ) and killed a fire hydrant. Team Elin. I hope he gets his head out his azz. I hope that another dumb, weak, user of the tiny brain man doesn't destroy his kids & family over a piece of cheap azz.

Other than that, I couldn't care less. I have not lost one iota of sleep. Trust.

Mayor Dixon convicted over $1000 worth of gift cards. Really? Wow. How much money do you think was wasted on having this trial. I bet it was more that all those gift cards.

I so want to dislike button in FB. Why? Cause people are dumb AND crazy. Especially those that are really passionate & insane in their hatred of a person or thing. I don't argue with crazy, so a dislike button would satisfy my need to express my disdain for bytchassedness.

Please STOP inviting me to "Blastoff" and shop at you online mall so you can make money of me and/or asking me to join to set up my own website "before all my friends find out about it". It ain't happening. Keep inviting me and you will be gone. Mkay?

I love pulling up to my house at night and seeing the lights. I need more as it really isn't at scale to the house. Shameful...or shameless.

I can't wait for my Army-Navy party. We are going to have a marvelous time. Wanna come? It's as for football.

Go Army!

If we beat Navy, then we will be in a bowl game played at RFK on December 29th.