Any Given Sundy - Good Times

Last night I hosted a MyGetTogether Chex Mix Party at the house. And we had a great time. Not because of the Chex Mix, but due to the wonderful company & conversation with a great group of women.

Now I don't know how in the hell I was supposed to feed 15 people with the 3 little bags of Chex Mix. Seriously?! They made a nice snack/finger food thing but didn't mount to sustenance...and these ladies came packin' an appetite.

That crab dip - yeah - tore down like starvin savages. (That's a keeper). I also made Skillet Burrito's and Southwest Chicken Soup. Gobbled up. There was just enough soup for me to take for lunch today. The Bloody Mary's - I sent one person on home with a sippy cup. *Hangs head in shame*

The conversation...I think we covered every topic under the son and almost came up with a way to achieve world peace. And even the game was good - what I saw of it.

We had a wonderful evening. I'm looking forward to spending more time with everyone.

*working on putting gourmet cheese platter together for ForNot's dinner party this month*

P.S. Didn't get your evite for the dinner party? Send me a message.