Out of The Game

I was talking to one of my recently single girlfriends the other day and she regaled me with a "dating" story that happend to one of her co-workers. It was a doosey and left us with a lot more questions that we could answer. Why? Cause obviously we have been out of the dating game WAAAAAYYYYY too long and just don't get the new fangled dating rules of the 21st technological century.

So - maybe some of my single readers can chime in and help us out.

What had happend was...
MissA told MissB that she wanted to introduce her (MissB) to a guy she thinks would be great match. MissB says okay. MissB & MisterMan start communicating via phone & text. She sends a head shot of herself, he sends one back. He then says that he is going to send another picture and he hopes that MissB can handle it. (RED FLAG ON THE PLAY in my book, but I digress). MissB says okay.

Wait for it....Wait for it...He sends a picture of The Full Monty of

That ended all future converstation for MissB with MisterManNasty.

Here are our questions?
  • What kind of a guy carries ON HIS PHONE a nekkid picture of himself?
  • What kind of a guy thinks it is even REMOTELY okay to send ANY woman that mess?
  • Where do you go from there in the dating game now that you've seen all the goods without so much as a real date?
  • Do you date after sharing the Full Monty or do you just go straight to bumpin' uglies buddies?
  • Is there a protocol/rules for dating when you get almost to the chex stage by sexting?
  • Who should get the beatdown first? MissA for introducing you to such ignorance or MisterMan?
  • Is this what is normal in the dating world these days?

My girl and I have been out of the dating game for over 20 years. All I can do is shake my damn head. I have no words. Help us out...What ya'll got to say about this?

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  1. Lawd have mercy! That is craziness. MissB should not get mad at MissA - I just cannot believe MissA knowingly set MissB up with MisterNasty.
    This is just like the nastiness with the Vikings QB - you know who I'm talking about! Why would a guy think that by showing his stuff she is going to automatically drop her drawers and go out with him? Look for the positive - he is confident in his stuff. Yes, he is - wait for it - cocky! MissA and MissB now have their answer as to why he is single.