Live Brilliantly

Back in March, I ended up needing a little help in the eyeball department and got me some progressives. The take some serious getting used to. I'm bad about wearing them all the time and I'm really bad at taking care of them. I toss these suckers (I have two pair) just about anywhere when I'm not wearing them...bottom of purse, gym bag, car cup holder...who knows.

Problem with that is when I do want to put them on - they are covered in fingerprints & smudges - I can't see any better with them on if I tried. I have a cleaning cloth, but that just seems to smear the prints all over for a lovely haze. Water work or hot breath but...whatever...forget it, toss em. My glasses are abused and harassed. I must do better.

Just in the nick of time I received a sample of Brilliant Lenses in the mail to give a try. LOVED IT!

It came with a cloth. I've been using it for the past week on everything - including the front of my iPhone and it cleans those glasses & screens Brilliantly. No joke.

My glasses, sunglasses, and even my laptop screen is fingerprint & smudge free. One thing I noticed over this week was that, while it did say it had a scratch resistant formula, I noticed that everything seemed more resistant to more accumulating more smudges. I could just wipe with the cloth.

Here are the specs:

  • Cleans Glass & Plastic Lenses
  • No Alcohol or Ammonia
  • Added scratch resistance with SR-8
  • Comes with a Micro Fiber Cleaning Pad
  • Also works on Phones, Monitors, and MP3 players!
  • Brilliant LensesTM with SR-8TM provides gentle superior cleaning while imparting an invisible durable barrier that resists scratches, soiling and water spots.
Brillant Lenses is a keeper. Will I take better care of my glasses? Ummm. Well, er. Imma try. I'm doing real good with my Maui Jims, iPhone & Laptop. I'm a work in progress.

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