Our Country We Strengthen - The Strength of the Nation

The AUSA (Association of the United States Army) Conference & Expo was this past week at the Washington Convention Center. The Theme: The Strength of the Nation - U.S. Army. I was there with The FireMarshall & staff as The Steptoe Group, LLC did a demonstration with Bo.ei.ng. If you have never been to AUSA, you have not seen an exposition yet. It boggles the mind. The equipment, the companies, the demo's - unbelievable. If you do business with the Government and/or Military - then you NEED to attend AND your company NEEDS to become a Sustaining Member of the AUSA. The deals are done & contacts are made by attending the AUSA events. That's where the decision makers, deal breakers & contract awarders are at. If you're not - well, good luck with that. I'm just sayin'.

The convention also afforded The FireMarshall & I the opportunity to get together with several of our classmates that were in town for the Conference or just lived in the area. It was so great to see everyone. Thank you, DebH & TedF or coordinating the event and getting us all in the same room--I know that with all of our busy schedules and families that it is like herding cats.

Here is a short video I put together from the pictures I took at the our Mini-Reunion.

Our Country We Strengthen - Class of 1987