I saw this on FB yesterday and thought it was so KEEEEE-UUUUUU---T.

I love my hair!

I don't talk about my hair (or hair period) much.

It's Hair. It just isn't that much of a big deal to me. I started learning how to do my own hair when I was bout 10 or so. My mother was sick of trying to figure out what to do with it besides two pic-tails or two ponytails on each side, I was sick of that too and she wasn't about to send me to the hairdressers at 10. Nerp. I've taught myself how to wet set, twist, blow out, flat iron, curl, put in relaxers, give a trim...blah blah blah...all on my own. Doing my hair now on a daily basis ain't nuttin' but a thing to me.

I like my hair how I like it. It is about as natural as it is gonna get - no relaxer, a little color professionally done every now and then, flat ironed or curled with a curling iron. From wash to final do - 1 to 1-1/2 hours. That's it. I use the products that my colorist recommends and that's that.

I love my hair...and I'm teaching Princess Cara to love her hair - though she is going through a spell where she wants "long hair" as she calls it. What that means is she wants to wear her hair "out" like the little white girls in the class and be able to fling it around. That makes my life a living hell because I'm the one that has to do it every dang on day. So, (and you hair nazi's are not gonna like this - WHATEVER!) I put a texturizer in her hair and we deep condition each week & wrap our hair every night. This week, I even was a HORRIBLE hair Mommy since I wanted to give her hair a rest (no heat, not pulling, etc) so I cornrowed her hair up into a bun on the top and (OMG!) I attached a couple of ringlets (it's her hair - I have a receipt) to the top. THE HORROR. She loves it. And it takes either me or The FireMarshall 5 min to "do" her hair.

We are happy & stress free, Daddy is learning how to do girl hair too (he is a monster with a flat iron - impressive) and Princess Cara is looking like the princess that she is. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

We love our hair.