Fiber, Fiber, Fiber

Losing weight and staving off the "hungries" is a challenge for even the most dedicated & committed to their health & fitness. Introducing fiber into your diet is one way to satisfy your hunger so it´s easier to eat less and lose weight without feeling as hungry.

Finding foods high in fiber that doesn't taste like bark definitely a challenge. I was sent the above pictured "Take the Hunger Out Of Dieting" pack and asked to take the "fiber" challenge. It arrived just in time for my 60 days of INSANITY challenge. My goal is to get stronger & toner utilizing the INSANITY workout and to lose 20lbs by New Years. Thus, this package arrived just in time to start my achieving my goals.

According to the packaging
  • One serving of Fiber One® Original Cereal provides more than half (57%) of the Daily Value of fiber.
  • Fiber One Original cereal is a tasty way to start your morning on the right track with 0 grams of sugar, 14 grams of fiber, 60 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving.

Unfortunately, that second bullet...yeah, I beg to differ with the "tasty" part. I gave it a good ole fashioned "give the fiber a chance" try and, ummm - NO. The Fiber One Original Cereal tastes just like it looks - like bark (actually more like chewing on paper). I just can't.

Now, I will give a thumbs up to the other Fiber One products. I love the Fiber One bars & yogurt. Furthermore, ANY of the other Fiber One Cereals are 100% "tastier" than the Original. They ARE a "tasty way to start your morning on the right track". The Original cereal ---NOT SO MUCH.

While I did not like the Original Cereal, I am enjoying the food scale, storage container & water bottle and since what I can tolerate is different from what some of my other diet & fitness warriors out there in blog land can handle, I have two opportunities for you to give fiber a chance and fight off the hungries.

Click on the “Help Take the Hunger out of Dieting” mini microsite below, which houses product information, a high-value coupon and tips. The first 15 readers will be able to sign up to receive a free box of cereal through the microsite.

Additionally, if you leave a comment with your suggestion on how you incorporate fiber into your diet to fight off the hungries, you will be entered to win one of the “Take the Hunger Out of Dieting” prize packs as pictured above.

Good luck and keep up the good fight with your health & fitness goals.