Fun Shaped Panny-Cakes

We are serious about BIG BREAKFAST over here at True Blessings. SERIOUS BUSINESS. We don't play. The Queen Mum and I find different recipes to try and even introduce a "breakfast" cocktail from time to time.

Well, last year around Halloween I found some Halloween shaped (pumpkin, bat, ghost) Pancake Forms at Williams-Sonoma. They look like giant cookie cutters except you can use them on a skillet to make different shapes. Here's the difficult part - using a spoon or ladle to get just the right amount of batter in the form can be dicey. You will probably ruin just as many panny-cakes as you get right.

Enter this years outing to Williams-Sonoma to pick up my Turkey Brine & Roasting Glaze. Did you think I was going to escape there with just those two items. NOT. The Queen Mum pssst me from across the store to check out her find...A Pancake Pen. WHAT! STOP! NO! PUT IT IN MY BASKET! It specifically says on the tube that you can make precise pancake shapes with or without a form. I was all in.

But that's not all. The Williams-Sonoma lady saw my find and said "You know we have 3 new bags of pancake form shapes. They would go great with your Pancake Pen." Ya Think. I only bought one bag - this time round - and today was BIG BREAKFAST time with The Prince, Heir to the Empire.

And I made panny-cake shapes.


If you make panny-cakes, You HAVE to have a Pancake Pen.

Best Pancakes - EVER!!!!