Thanksgiving Preparation Have Begun

Thanksgiving Preparations have begun here at True Blessings. It is going to be very busy leading up to T-Day..

  • Princess Cara has her Orange Belt Test Firday
  • I'm hosting the NSN Holiday Networking Event Firday
  • The Prince, Heir to the Empire comes home on Saturday for Thanksgiving
  • The Army-Notre Dame Game is Saturday Night - Watch Party
  • Big Breakfast with the family on Sunday
  • Meetings & School Conference Monday
  • The Queen Mum's 66th Birthday is Tuesday - party down
  • Start cooking Wednesday

I still have to grocery shop & clean. Lawd hab murcey. I've made out my list for shopping - going through my pantry, fridge, freezer and Lazy Susan to check to see if I already have the ingredients needed. I HATE buying the stuff I already have on hand. HUMPH. I then rewrote the list in the order of how things are laid out in my grocery store - minimize going back & forth. I know - a little obsessive compulsive, but I only want to make one loop round.

I then worked a little on my table setting. I was going to go out and try and put something new together. Scrapped that. I decided to use whatever I had already here and make it work. I went over to the Queen Mum's crib and pulled out her Avon Red dinnerware and some gold chargers. I'll use the napkin rings (maybe - if I don't find a smancy napkin folding idea) I found in Curacao years ago and what you see above is what you get. I'll set it up Monday or Tuesday and it will sit that way until Thursday. I also have to decorate our buffet table. I'll get there. I'll get there.

So, how are you coming along? Are you going a-visiting or are you cooking?