Fitness Challenges - Your Best Teacher is You!

I went to a Bikram Yoga session the other day and one of the common mantra's that the instructors use to get you to focus is - "look into the eyes of your best teacher". That would be you. Focus on you! Keep your thoughts from roaming around the room. Focus on you! I wrote about it the subject near the end of a 31 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge. This time the words sparked new thoughts on its meaning.

It got me to thinking about some of the bullshyat that I have been hearing (and apparently Ninteen69, MsPattey, TriBecca and a few other of my "Elite Athlete" friends) lately about some of the health & fitness challenges that we have all be taking on.

I admit that I LIED about not doing another Triathlon. The shyt is addicting...at least to me. I run races because, for me, they keep me on track & accountable. When you spend $40+ on a race, you just DON'T say fugg it - unless, of course, you got money to throw away. Go you! I also sign up for a bunch of other stuff because my friends are trying new stuff, accepting new challenges and just doing the damn thing where if you got nothing else - you have you health. Let me tell ya...all the money & stuff in the world means nothing if you have to use a walker, are on a respirator, carrying around an O2 tank or DEAD. I am their biggest fan & cheerleader. It is a whole lot easier when taking on a new goal to have people around you cheering you along - and EVEN BETTER - running/swimming/biking/jumping/lifting - whatever - beside you.

Let me tell you what sets this nice lady off, gets my fur all raised up (picture scared black Halloween cat) and makes me pull out my tazer...It's those back handed comments wrapped in an insult and/or those well meaning friends & family that want to warn you about the "dangers" of said event (like they would even have a friggin CLUE):

  • You're crazy!
  • Why would you do something stupid like that?
  • You know you'll be radioactive after?
  • Did you hear about all those people that got a skin disease from the water?
  • You know your hair will turn green, looked fugged up or fall out, don't ya?
  • All those weights your lifting will make you look like a Power Lifter- or make your body/shoulders all manish.
  • You're going to look like one of those body builders with golf balls for breasts.

Name it. I've heard it. I also don't care. I don't care that YOU would NEVER do such and such. I don't care that YOU think its crazy, silly, dumb. I truly don't give a rats patootie what YOU think about what I WOULD do.

Just stop. If you can't manage a "Great!", "Good Job", or "I know you can do it" then just STFU.

Yet, that's prolly not going to happen. There are always going to be naysayers.

"Here's what I know" - aka MsPattey - The only person I NEED to listen to is me. I look in the mirror and look into the eyes of my best teacher & motivator and tell myself everything I need to know to get the job done. If I hear one of those backhanded comments, I just nod - uh huh - and push forward. Let me show you how its done! That ish just pushes me to go more, look for new challenges and JUST DO IT!

So, to all of my peeps out there taking on new fitness challenges and dealing with naysayers...

Look into the Eyes of Your Best Teacher - YOU!