Just Random Stuff In My Head

A "friend" calls you up crying about nobody loves them & they have nothing to do for their birthday. You invite them over for movies, dinner, drinks. They show up two hours late w/o so much as a phone call or a by your leave and then talks on their cell phone while at your place the entire time.

That "friend" would be getting the stiff arm from this point on. Girl, Bye.

I recently witnessed "the disorder" first hand. All I can say is damn shame and no wonder.

I really wish people would just tell the truth or say nothing at all. Please don't try to justify your excuse or rude behavior when you see me later and when that same damn excuse you gave me should have applied in this situation. Uh Huh.

The silence is deafening. I hear you loud and clear.

I find it rather amusing when the Pot calls the Kettle Black.

Another famous saying from Momz - What's good for the goose, is good for the gander...so, if you can't handle the heat, stop playing with my lighter. You'll get burned.

Why are my shows not on tonight?

How is it that a kid dressed like a princess, pirate, doctor or even shrek akin to devil worship?Sigh. And...if a plastic sword promotes violence, doesn't a naught nun or pirate wench on a 1st grader promote ho'ish behavior?

Just asking.

My sister gets on my dag on nerves...but she is still family. Jeeze.

Run, Girl, Run. I'm so proud of my BFF - 1st 5k this Saturday. Bummed I'm not going to be there...but we are planning that big 10K? 10miler? Half?

Weather predicted Snow for her first run...I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you. Seriously. Why wouldn't it snow for your 1st ever race?

There are some questions I'm just NOT going to answer. I just don't have discussions with crazy or answer stoopit, irrelevant questions.

Yeah, I said I wasn't going to do another Triathlon. Yeah, I lied.

Mom & I think we have our Thanksgiving menu pretty much planned. We decided that "The Sparkling Side Car" as our signature cocktail will HAVE to be sampled IN ADVANCE.

It's just necessary to ensure quality.

If you don't vote tomorrow - THE STFU & GTFOOHWTBS! I don't want to hear your drivel, your complaints, your rants or your regurgitation of sound bites. Sit you ignant azz down somewhere and accept what you get in silence.

We're voting over here at True Blessings. TRUST.