Thanksgiving Preparations Part Duex

Today was a busy preparation day for Thanksgiving day. I have learned over the years that if I want to enjoy the day with family & friends, then I need to do as much as I can way in advance or else I will be an exhausted mess by dinner time on the big day.

I have the buffet table set and got the snack & dessert table all set up - ret ta go. Today I accomplished the following:
  • Made Cranberry Sauce w/Pinot Noir, put in mold and in fridge.
  • Made Pumpkin Cheese Cake
  • Chopped all veggies that were needed for various dishes & staged them in containers in fridge
  • Sauted meats
  • Boiled eggs for an appetizer
  • Toasted baguette slices for an appetizer
  • Prepared Brine for Turkey
  • Picked up last minute items at grocery store - including a Ham
  • Went for a 3 mile run
  • Took the Queen Mum out for dinner for her birthday
  • Put Turkey in Brine till Thursday morning

I got it in. I got 'er done.

Tomorrow, clean up the house, make the "Kings Arms Rice Pudding w/Custard Sauce" and set table for 16. It is gonna be packed, but what a blessing. I can't wait.

Do you prepare this far in advance? Are you ready to go for Thanksgiving day or do you wait till the last minute?