Happy Valentine’s Day–Celebrating Love

Happy Valentine’s Day–It Takes Two To Tango


Happy Valentine’s Day from True Blessings Estate. We had a wonderful day…just another day of love there in the Kingdom.  We had a loverly day. Princess Cara loved her Love Bug…and The FireMarshall was always the sweetie that he is and brought me roses. His cards are always on point. He always picks one that sums up and expresses what is going on in our lives and then adds a handwritten note of love & encouragement that always manages to sustain me – even through some of our toughest challenges.

               bug chaise

I then picked up some goodies from "Oh, What a Cake” and went on my delivery run. Dropped off some love goodness off at GMa Willies’…and she wasn’t even there! HUMPH. Almost kicked in the door worries that she was layed out on the floor. Where does an 82 year old run off too at 3pm in the afternoon. If only she would use her cell. SIGH. Then I ran over to The Queen Mum’s job and dropped off a dozen snackalicious cupcakes. Came home and unpacked our personal deliciuousness and started whipping up a pot of Gumbo for dinner. We regaled each other with stories and laughs over some Sparkling Cosmo’s for grins & giggles.

minicakes  cocktails

The highlight of the day…my new shoes. Does The FireMarshall know the Diva or WHAT!!!!???


*Click my heels 3x*

There’s no place like HOME! There’s no place like HOME! There’s no place like HOME!


Happy Valentine’s Day!