11 Years Ago to the Day


Remember this Father’s Day post? Well, it’s about my Father & I…and I really do miss him.


On February 19th, 2000, 11 years ago to the day, my father passed away during surgery to treat a Glioma. I felt guilty for a long time, for my Dad flew me out to meet with his oncologist and asked ME to decide what course of treatment to go with. Based on survival rates, etc.…I picked the most aggressive form of therapy…and he was fine with that…and he died.


That sucked. It sucked BIG TIME racing to fly back out to Colorado to make it in time to turn off the ventilator. But I got to say goodbye.


Two days later, on Monday, February 21st, 2000 – my birthday – we buried my father. Why so soon…my father was an Orthodox Jew…and that is just how it’s done…although I only lasted barely a day sitting Shivah.


A Jew by choice, Mr. Bembry told the Intermountain Jewish News in a 1993 interview that his exposure to Jews and Judaism during his childhood influenced his decision to convert…

“I grew up in a Jewish environment,”…”went to a Jewish high school and had Jewish friends. I wanted to establish a moral foundation that I could live with and Judaism was my natural social environment. I believed in G-d and in the concept of a messiah. And I found every tenet of Judaism acceptable. These were the principles that I wanted to live by.”

It was a beautiful service at the Synagogue. I was straightening out my safe and found a bunch of articles and stuff I saved from that time. I found the eulogy that I gave my father in the folder:


Today is my Birthday.
Today I bury my Father.
The miracle of life comes full circle in a daughter and father…

…As in one moment, I celebrate another year of life and mourn the passing of the very man who gave that life to me.

Yet I look in the mirror and I see the spirit of my father dwelling in me.
The spirit of hard work, dedication, compassion; the love of life & family; the gift of love

It all dwells in me and in all of the lives that he has touched.
I love my Daddy.
I will truly miss you, Papa.

Today is my Birthday
But, on this day, and forever more, I will celebrate OUR lives and the gifts he gave us all.


Miss You Daddy! Happy Going Home Day!