Athletic Elitists/Snobs


I noticed them on the periphery when I just worked out for grins and giggles and to stay in shape. They started to become more prominent when I started entering running races. I REALLY started noticing them & actually paying attention to them when I started training for a Triathlon.


Who would “them” be. They are the sport elitists…the athletic event snobs…the people who forgot that they too, at some time in their life, weren’t shit. They too couldn’t run 2 miles without wheezing, didn’t have 5 different speedo suits just to train in, didn’t have a $2500 carbon bike with all the bells & whistles…didn’t know SHIT.


Now, a gazillion races under their belt, top of the line equipment, a couple of top 3 finishes in their age group or overall, personal trainer or coach to us minions and now they got nothing but snide remarks, snarky comments & negative bullshyt. Now that they are an “elite athlete”, they have nothing but disdain and sarcasm for anyone else entering the sport that they have made their bones in. They are the ones that, when you say you are entering your first 10k, they tell you that they NEVER enter races for anything under 10 miles – anything else is just a warm up. The Athletic Elitist is the one that thinks the "field” is getting too crowded on the race courses with us newbies. (GTFOOHWTBS – you a$$holes start in the front, finish before 90% of us and are partying while the rest of us are working – BITE ME).  They scoff at your pathetic attempts to enter any sport by making snarky comments about the gear, our workouts or even our very attempt to enter said sport.


How soon you forget. How easy it is for some to have absolutely not an ounce of humility or even respect for other accepting the challenge and (for that individual) accomplishing something that may be the hardest thing they have EVER done in their life. SUCK ROCKS.


For the most part, I have ignored these elitist. You can usually spot them a mile away or they show their azz pretty quickly by trying to engage you in conversation so they can belittle you. “I hope you didn’t spend a lot of money on that. You know that is ______(insert snide remark).” However, my cage got rattled (just a little) when someone pretty much told me that Dominique (my new road bike) was basically a “wannabe”…the little bike that wished it could be a triathlon bike. My initial, gut reaction was FUGG YOU!, but it still bothered me a little. That morning I went to my Triathlon Swim Class and after our workout, the Triathlon Coach pulled me off to the side to tell me how I was doing (very well, in fact) and since I hadn’t been in a few weeks to check on me (sick & practically cut my finger off). I told him that I got a new bike. He asked me about it and I kinda did a kicking rocks move and mumbled how it was just this little road bike…blah, blah, blah. He nipped that in the bud. He said a new bike is an AWESOME BIKE, encouraged me to get fitted and as soon as that was done he encouraged me to join the Saturday rides. He told me that all levels were welcome and he would pair me up with a buddy…just like in the pool. NOW THAT IS ECOURAGEMENT.


This peacock fluffed her feathers back out. I ROCK!


So, all you elite athlete snob haters – SUCK MY TOES! You’re an azz and nobody cares about your bullshyt. Talk to me when you have a gold medal around your neck and/or million dollar sponsors. Your snarkyness comes off as BYTCHASSEDNESS and isn’t cute – AT ALL. I’m not trying to qualify for the Olympics or any such thing. My goals are within me – my personal satisfaction…and not finishing last. Being vibrant, fit, sparkly & fabulous in my 40’s is GOAL ENOUGH. I will NEVER forget that I was (am still am a Phat & Fabulous Diva) a fat chick that entered West Point ending up in remedial PT & on Fat chick tables that became a certified Kickboxing instructor, completed a marathon (and numerous other races) & became a TRIATHLETE. NEVER.


And I will ALWAYS be there to encourage my friends, family & even strangers to be the best they can be. I will never scoff at the woman (or guy) at the gym watching me on the treadmill doing intervals or some crazy workout who finally is brave enough to ask me about it. I will encourage them & share what I know. I will NEVER be so crass as to laugh in someone’s face about their equipment or efforts. I will NEVER forget that I started somewhere too and that everybody “ain’t got it like that”, but that shouldn’t keep them from achieving their fitness goals…I will try and remember that and help guide a fellow athlete within their means.


I would hope that any elite athlete snob haters out there would take a moment, reflect on what you were like when you got started and EAT SOME HUMBLE PIE. Whether you do or not…whatever. Talk to the hand.


So, tell me…have you ever had an encounter with a Athletic Elitist/Snob?