Dominique “Diva” Dawes

I would like to introduce you to my new love…my baby…the girl I will be spending an extraordinary amount of time with traversing the countryside & city streets. Meet


Dominique “Diva” Dawes


my new Dawes 1500 Lightning Sprint Road Bike.


During my first Triathlon – which I did on a gifted mountain bike – it took me 2 hours 17 min 20 sec to complete 25 miles. For goodness sake. I was so sick & damn tired of hearing “on the left” as people whizzed by me on their sleek road bikes. SICK & DAMN TIRED. Rat Baztards. Now don’t get me wrong, I was sincerely grateful for that bike as I didn’t even HAVE a bike and I was roped into doing a Triathlon by TriBecca (who turned me into a Tri-Crackhead – she’s my dealer). However, no matter how hard or fast I pedaled, I just couldn’t make that bike go any faster. After I decided that I would actually do another (and another, and another – I’m currently signed up for 3 in 2011), I knew that I would have to get a new bike. A bike that  doesn’t weight a gazillion pounds and doesn’t have knobby tires. Seriously.


However, I had a price limit – it’s a recession ya know – and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $1000+ for a really good Triathlon Road Bike. I just couldn’t. Especially when entry fees, workshops, training, outfits & other gear also add up to make this a very expensive proposition. I set my limit at $700 or less and went on the hunt. I visited several online bike dealers and then went to e.ba.y. Once I found a bike that met my specifications it was to the Go.oo.gle to do some research and read reviews. Well, I stumbled upon chicabike’s e.ba.y store where she had for sale this Dawes 1500 Lightening Sprint Road Bike for ….wait for it…$440 dollars. I did my research, read some reviews and this particular bike was rated unanimously as a good beginner triathlon bike that retails for $1200. Sold.


My new baby arrived within a week. I also received a follow up email from the seller with links to videos to help with assembly and their were instructions included in the box.

bike_box bike_parts

It came superbly packed and it took me about 15 min to open, unpack and organize all the parts. the bike really come mostly together. I only was left with putting on the front wheel, handle bars, pedals, seat & front brake. It really was simple.

bike_parts2 bike_wheelon

I would say it took me a total of 2 hours to put together and I took my dear sweet time. I spent a lot of time making sure the handle bars were on straight & centered, reading the directions on putting the front wheel on & securing via the Quick Release Clamp (didn’t want that sucker coming off – that would leave a mark). I also took some time adjusting the rear brake that was already installed. It wasn’t tight enough to touch the wheel when the brake was applied so I had to pull the wire a little and that took me a min or so to figure out. Reading is fundamental.

bike_handlebar bike

I still plan on taking it over to the bike shop and get fitted (make sure the seat is at the right height and the gears are tuned up). I just can’t WAIT to ride this baby! I want to thank everyone that made suggestions for a name for my girl. I was going to go with BK’s suggestion of Herbie…the Love Bike, but then I got to thinking about some of the fierce women in some of Ann Rand’s books. I went to look for my copy of Atlas Shrugged, but couldn’t find it and settled with Fountainhead and the name of the female character was Dominique. There you have it.


My only concern, was after all was said and done…I had a few parts left over (some I didn’t install – like the Aero Bars or that front reflector). I’m going to put the parts in a bag and store with the ‘owner’s manual’. As you can see, I needed very few tools (hex keys, Phillips screw driver, open ended wrenches and some pliers/wire cutters).


For the price, ease of assembly and customer service…4 STARS. I’ll let you know more after some training on it and my first race.


I am a Triathlete!