We Were Ready For Our Close Up


This past Sunday, Ron & I embarked on another TravelDiva Adventure when we got the honor of “acting” (we had a 3 lines each – which may not even make the final cut) in the most recent film short produced by Team Sizzle Worldwide called “When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things.” which tells the twenty-four hours surrounding a wedding…Twelve beautiful hours before, Twelve ugly hours after.


Ron and I were in the twelve beautiful hours before. Whew.

Let me tell you the first thing that we learned about movie making…Hurry up and wait. And poor boo-boo kitty FireMarshall

moviestars004       ron_wait

was sick as a dog and was trying his darndest to hold it together. About 4 hours in, just before they started to roll camera for the first time, The FireMarshall had an exorcist moment and was pretty much right as rain after that. The funniest moment was when the Casting Director came up to him and said (all friendly & happy go lucky like) “Yeah, boo boo, ummm, I'mma need you to find that bathroom next time…no more blowing chunks in the restaurant sink, mkay?” I ROARED.

dinnershot3  photo

We arrived for the shoot at 11:30 and didn’t finish filming the dinner scene until almost 5pm. Monica kept telling us to act like we were having a good time…ummm, well, with the real wine they kept pouring, that was NOT a problem. We WERE having a good time. Only drawback was that not everyone at the table was served an entire dinner. The servers and the dinner were kinda like props (except for the wine – YEAH BABY) and when the final take was done and the lights turned off…BABY…it was a free for all for those few plates. There was a buffet that was set up for everyone that was supposed to serve 40 but by time those of us at the table were finished taping…the other extra’s had tore that buffet down. When I got there, all that was left was 3 slices of bread. Could you say STARVING!

moviestars019 towand_lisa

So then, it was hurry up and wait for it to get dark (and the crew had a hell of a job of breaking down the inside set and setting up lights, camera, action for the outside shots). While we waited, we all ordered some drinks and something to eat. Then it was time for those “money shots” as The FireMarshall called them. This is where we actually got to play actor with some real actors (who were PHENOM!!!) I know Ron and I were getting on Omar & Towanda’s nerves with all of our questions, but they were so gracious & a pleasure to work with. My major take-away was don’t do nothing you weren’t “Directed” to do…and let me tell you, when you have great direction – I actually started to believe I could do this for real real. NOT!

lisa_fur  ron_door

opening scene  shot

Now were are lined up to do the opening scene & lines for the film and this is where it got challenging for at least Ron & I. Hit our marks,ad lib & then deliver lines, don’t ad lib – deliver lines, & so on and so on.  Good thing we are accustomed to taking orders & following direction the first time we are told. Good think I’ve spent some time standing out in the cold forever & doing things over & over & over. I think we did our parts about 15 times. After about what felt like a gazzillion takes, it started to rain and all shit hit the fan. The crew started freaking out and the equipment had to be taken down. Problem, the entire outdoor scene was not completed. I really don’t know what was going to happen after that, but that was a wrap and we were released to go home. Since the scene was not completed, I’m not sure that we will make it or end up on the cutting room floor.


Nevertheless, while it was one of the longest days ever, my feet hurt up to my kneecaps and I was exhausted beyond all measure. We had a blast. If you haven’t already, you NEED to follow “When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things” on FB (click the link) to find out more and follow the progress of the film. And if you want to learn more about the other projects of Team Sizzle Worldwide (Sisters, Marco Polo, Commitment) check them out at www.teamsizzleworldwide.com.


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