Army 10 Miler–After Action Report


Despite the fact that I felt TOTALLY unprepared to make a respectable showing at this race – I WILL NEVER QUIT! I over committed myself this season and in a hail mary effort to improve my swim ability (not drown from fear & panic) and to learn to ride Diva Dawes in clips without busting my ass, I sacrificed my running. The most distance I put in was 6 miles during my last tri. Shame on me and this was the result.


The very idea that I was running for 2 damn hours and that the winners were done for over an hour already is just demoralizing…but I WILL NEVER QUIT!


The best part…suffering running with my TOP MAFIA – Ms.Pattey. Adding to the awesome was having my Tri buddy (TriBecca) with me to run in that last 2 miles from hell – WAS IT EVER GOING TO END - and seeing GBaby, Pier and Cassandra out there cheering us on. Ya’ll don’t know how much it means to hear your name called, to hear personal encouragement from your friends/family out on the course. It is one of the only things that can make the difference between giving up and pushing on. THANK YOU!

lisa_pattey  finishers

I love this race, but this year they changed the Finish/Start and it was the biggest Charlie Foxtrot ON THE PLANET. Who thought it was brilliant to make the finish area a 1/2mile long narrow chute and make everyone walk that far to get some water? Who came up with the azz backward plan to make it so that spectators could barely get near a damn thing with all those damn barriers up? Who thought that nobody would start climbing the concrete barriers so that they didn’t have to walk 5 miles back to the Pentagon Metro or the Mall to get to their transportation? Who was the smart organizer that made it damn near impossible to find a medic/medic tent…what? there was only ONE in the entire South parking lot BACK near the finish line.


For real doh?


At the end of the race, everything was spread out so damn far, too difficult to find that we just gave up trying to find the HOOAAH tent, the good food, the good goodies. We grabbed our Finishers Coin and hobbled a gazillion miles & over 2 concrete dividers to get to the metro.

photo 2photo 3

photo 1

We came – We Ran – We got the Bling. BOOYAH!!!


Beautiful course. Great Race. Fugged up Finish Area. (MOVE THAT ISH BACK INTO NORTH PARKING – Y’ALL SUCKED THIS YEAR). I had a great time.


After seeing the FANTABULOUS SPARKLY DIVAISH BLING that the Disney races give out, MsPattey and I are looking at doing the Wine & Dine 1/2 Marathon at Disney Orlando next year…I want that bling baby.


Watch out for me. I might just whip out my coin on you – BAAM! You got one of these? No. What you do this past weekend?



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  1. At least you were able to finish up the race. It's good that the pavement isn't rough.