Is Anybody There?


I blog cause I want to. It is my virtual diary of my life and sometimes what I think about the surrounding drama. I live my (or rather our) life out loud as the FireMarshall is always saying.


At first, I didn’t care that I didn’t get very many comments…and then, as I started writing more and more….I did care. Every blogger wants comments – we want to interact with our audience. How do I know I even have an audience? Well, there are the stats (page views, time on site, etc.) and then there are all the people I run into that tell me they read along. We not only want to write it down but we want to discuss it too.


I started to get some comments and things were growing and we were having a good ole time. Then I went and got all damn fancy and tried to “upgrade” my commenting features to Haloscan from the blogger commenting. That worked all fine and dandy…until Haloscan switched to JS-Kit which promptly got ate up by Echo…and then it went all to hell. Echo got all uppity and decided that the commenting features were no longer going to be free – even basic, little ole me free commenting – yeah, fork over $10/month for the service period and we might just let you keep all your past comments. HUMPH.


I stuck with the Haloscan/Echo Free commenting for a LONG ASS while before I realized that because I wasn’t paying up, free wasn’t really free. Free meant commenting features were sporadic if they worked AT ALL. In other words, nobody could comment – EVER. I started hearing from friends that they couldn’t comment so they just left a message on FB or something. I started to investigate. Now, I don’t know nuttin about how this shyat works really. Just give me the damn code, tell me where to cut and past and wham. Done. I went to every computer in the house – I wasn’t able to comment. DAG NABIT. Then I went on a mission “just switch back on Blogger commenting”.


Not so damn easy. Not so damn fast. Whoa partner.


I spent the better part of the afternoon using Mr. Google to figure out how to remove the JSKit/Haloscan code and how to restore Blogger. After crashing my template XML code (I don’t know what I just said, but crash my blog it did – thank God I backed my template up) I simply reverted “widget templates to default” and it was DONE. I had to put back in the code for my signature & for the label cloud, but everything else stayed the same.


While I lost ALL of my old comments…FUGG YOU ECHO…it was worth it. You suck. Your overpriced service with no service SUCKS. Goodbye.


If you have been following along all this time and haven’t been commenting cause ECHO SUCKS BIG TIME, I hope you will come back by and talk with me.


Welcome. Let the normal crazy recommence.


  1. i feel your pain
    i tried to comment many times and gave up.
    i just got Disqus to work with blogger and it's free.
    it's also pretty easy to install but i had to use Google Chrome instead of ie...
    so glad i can comment again...i missed out on some of your cool giveaways because i couldnt comment :)

  2. Hey Lady ! I have been lurking, but was unable to comment. Glad you got it back up and running. I missed commenting on your races & fitness events. So belated congrats !

  3. Yaaaayyyyy!!!!! I can comment now!!!! Lubs you!!!! Muah!

  4. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Hey! Some days I could comments, other days it hated me. Welcome "back"!

  5. hello there, lurking checking in......I follow via google reader and dont comment very much but I do read daily.

    I was pleasantly surprised to actually see you and Fire Marshal at the focus group the other night. I wanted to jump up and scream "Hey I know you" but ummm......decided against it. If I had ran into you in the hallway I would have introduced myself..........

  6. YAY! Plain old commenting is back. That ish was way too complicated.

  7. oops, I meant lurker, LOL

  8. Yay! Glad your comments are back up and running :)

  9. Goodie, I've never been able to comment.

  10. Ila Gator4:09 PM

    Your loyal readers are happy!!!

  11. Having to pay for allowing comments?? Ridiculous! Good thing you're back to free!

  12. :::waving:::

    I read regualrly, I'll start to comment too. :_

  13. Amen. I've been reading for months now, but thought a body had to be in the "in" (password protected) crowd to comment here.

    Glad I'm able to say hello....


  14. I'm here too! Sometimes it was difficult to comment but I'm reading you via my Reader!

  15. Funny all this time I've been commenting but I never saw you over at my blog until just recently....now I wonder if any of my comments were actually sticking after I left your blog??? LOL Glad you're back on track now though.