The Great Pumpkin


This past weekend, the Royal Court took Princess Cara out in search of The Great Pumpkin. We went off to Sharps Farm, petting some animals, looked at the corn maze from the outside (I wasn’t walking out there in that mess…it was HUGE), went on a hayride out to the acres of pumpkins and then searched for the perfect one(s).


                    hayride CaraPumpkin


After selecting our pumpkins, we had to load them back onto the hay ride tractor and then load them into a cart for weighing. Yeah those suckers were .49/lb. The 3 I paid for were each $13+. Heavy suckers.


After the farm, we rode over the river & through the woods back to civilization and went to a “Fall Festival” where we promptly got Princess Cara & her friend Lady Nichcelle zooted on sugary sweets and whatnot. Yeah, so. We brushed our teeth later.

             lollipop cottoncandy

Tonight, we commenced on The Great Pumpkin Carving Project which required two sets of pumpkin cutting tools – one that was like a mini motorized saw – a butcher knife, a couple of serrated blades and big scooping spoons.

              pumpkin_makin pumpkin_carving

…AND this was the final results of tonight’s efforts….




Do you carve up your pumpkins all elaborate like?

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