Just For Me


I am asked all the time…”Why do you do all of this? Are you crazy or something?” Well, I may be a tad crazy, but there is a method to my madness. The reason that comes to mind every time is I do if JUST FOR ME. Every medal, every accomplishment, every mile is MINE. I did that.


I do it for me.


You see, a long time ago I married a man who had (still does) ambition, vision & dreams. He had a plan for our family and we agreed that he would lead us there – his career/business ventures would be put first and I would support him and do what what necessary to keep us True North. The FireMarshall Empire is doing pretty good – despite the challenges, risks, hills & valleys. To sum it up, I am to The FireMarshall what Pepper Potts is to Tony Starks…and that’s fine – it works for us. Sometimes, though, I want to be the star. I want something – to do something – that is my very own.


I don’t know if that make any sense to ya’ll, but after I finished my first triathlon (even though I swore I’d never do that again) I felt exhilarated, POWERFUL, a sense of accomplishment & success that was indescribable…and it was MINE.


I do it JUST FOR ME.


This year has been a wonderful year of challenges, growth & personal success. It has kept me sane though one of the most trying year(s) of our lives. 12 months. 10 races.

2 – 10 Milers, 1-10k, 1- Triathlon Relay(Bike), 5-Triathlons, 1-Century ride. Whew, Chile. I put together a little slide show of the journey --


A Year in The Wide World of TravelDiva Sports



Is there anything you do JUST FOR YOU?


  1. Yes! Best reason to race. Period.

  2. this brought tears to my eyes.. because I know exactly what you mean!!!! I do it for ME.. why because I can.. I'm the biggest cheerleader for my hubby & the kids but I have to have my own moment and it doesn't matter if nobody is there to watch.. or to cheer me on.. I know that I can!!

    You rock!!!!

  3. "Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport... the thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat... the human drama of athletic competition... This is TravelDiva's Wide World of Sports!

    Hey TD, Congratulations and thanks for a thrilling year and for allowing me to experience it vicariously. Damn...we tired! Time for a drink :-)

  4. LOVE IT! And you know that PhillyTRI medal is the best (I mean really, a spinning Liberty Bell and Rocky????)

  5. Wonderful! I've been reading and semi lurking here for a while, but this post brought me out of hiding. I don't do nearly as many races as you, but people ask me why I do them often. "Just for me" is so spot on! Add to that, "because I can" and I've finally found someone who understands. That rush you get throughout the race, and the pride of finishing something you set out to do? Nothing like it for me.

    Keep doing things for you. I think, in a large part, this is also how you support your family - be happy! Looking forward to the next race recap.

  6. WOOOHOOO I went back and read some of the previous posts. NOW I can comment again. woohoo again!

    Now what was I gonna say.... OH YES you must continue to do stuff just for YOU! You are the oil that keeps the machine (your family) running. Plus I am living vicariously through your adventures. Cause I ain't swinmming in open water! LOL