Sea Gull Century Wind Tunnel Experience

Saturday, several thousand people met up to do the Sea Gull Century Ride in Salisbury, MD including me and a few other people that temporarily lost their damn minds…although being crazy together made the cycling of 100 miles madness all the better.


This had to be one of the most challenging rides I have EVER done. The wind was BEASTLY! We went from ranging 15-20mph over the first 40 miles to being blown down to 6-8 mph at times over the rest of the course. The last 40 had to be the ABSOLUTE WORST. It felt like we were going uphill for 40 miles. PERIOD. Simply put…


We got Byotch Slapped by the Wind. HARD.

                 Becca3rdRestStop  bikeresting


The scenery was beautiful. The camaraderie was fantastic. I would have not made it if it was for the hugs, the encouragement, and Maddy’s back wheel pulling me along those last few miles…I was feeling mighty low…I was feeling real bad…and then I saw Maddy…and I KNOWED DER WAS A GAWD!!!


Key Learnings:

  • Booty Butter IS your friend. Apply often.
  • So isn’t Motrin & Biofreeze
  • More Padding. MORE
  • Figure out how to keep up with a pace line.
  • Strength training. STAT
  • There is a huge difference between racing in a Triathlon & riding with large groups of people.
  • The orange slices…manna from heaven. Fig Newtons too!
  • Oh, and that chick that thought it was cute to be snarky about my motivational sign on my bike…BITE ME!

I mounted a camera on my bike and was able to get some video during the ride. Enjoy!

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  1. It's a good experience cycling around the area. You can feel the wind rushing through.