Ride 60


This past Sunday a bunch of us that signed up for the Seagull Century Ride wanted to get in some mileage in preparation. Since all of us except our fearless Ironman Leader had never done 100 miles before, we thought it was a pretty good idea to try and do 50-60 miles before the race. Uh Huh.


Our (TriUnify’s) resident Ironman, TarusN lead us on our 60 mile trek. It was cold (about 60) with wind and drizzling rain. WE SUCKED IT UP AND DROVE ON. If it ain’t raining, you ain’t training. HOO AAAHH! We had to get it in. However, I want you to know that Tarus lies embellishes the truth. He SAID that there were only a few “rolling” hills, nothing too tough. Lies from the pits of hell. A slight misrepresentation of reality. There were SEVERAL hills that made all of us curse & cry at the same time. It was RE-DAMN-DICULOUS.


We did it! No man/woman was left behind. We practiced pace lines and grabbed tips and tricks from each other. Our group was BEASTLY…especially Maddy (the pretty lady in pink). She was the epitome of perseverance and determination…a lesson & inspiration to us all.


Stay tuned for Tales of the Century.