The Clyde’s 10k 2012


The Clyde’s 10K is one of my favorite races as it is my home town race and there is lots of food but more importantly BEER at the end. MY KIND OF RACE.


This year I ran with a bunch of ladies from Black Girls Run and I even hosted a little pre-race carb loading event at my house and we had a most wonderful time and the food – FABULOUS. I made a lasagna & bruschetta, one of the ladies (pardon my forgetting your name) brought curry chicken which The FireMarshall devoured, red velvet cookies, some decadent cake bars, wine-water-wine-water and more. What a great time swapping stories & tips.


THAT was the way to pre-race.


Race day was not really a race day for me. According to my torturer, I mean Coach, this was just my regularly scheduled long run, minus some miles. I was supposed to just run it and try and keep my HR in Zone 2. I believe the objective through all this training is to condition my body to operate efficiently in Zone 2-3 for long periods of time so that I have the endurance to Swim-Bike-Run for hours and not wipe myself out. Thus, I started easy and decided to practice my chi-running techniques.

IMG_0606 IMG_0636

Whenever I started to feel winded, I slowed down to get my heart rate back under control. I felt pretty good the entire course. Hills – still the bane of my existence. Still need lots of work on them, but for the most part, I chopped those hills up. The FireMarshall came out to take pictures. SIGH. Most of the pics were of the Where’s Waldo type. I guess he couldn’t figure out how to use the great big lens on the front.

IMG_0607 IMG_0641

I didn’t beat my time from 2010 (and I wasn’t running to do that either), but I did move up higher from the bottom of the heap. I’m moving on up!


2009     1291/1357 (66 from bottom) 1:15:58.45

2010     1210/1292 (82 from bottom) 1:14:03.95

2012     1674/1798 (124 from bottom) 1:17:23.83


And while I certainly didn’t come close to placing in my age group, I was way up from the bottom in that category too! GO ME! I came across the finish line victorious and ready for some beer.