Cooking With Love–Deviled Easter Chicks

I saw a picture earlier this week that originally came from Pintrest and then circulated on FB of these deviled eggs that looked like chicks hatching. KEEEUUUTE! I just had to make them. There were no instructions that I could find, but if I can make deviled eggs on the fly, I should be able to handle copying some deviled egg looking chicks just from the picture.


Start with some boiled eggs – like DUH. Oh, and (at least for me) let them cool completely and use a spoon to remove shell so that the egg remains smooth & unbroken. Then I cut them on an angle & used a small spoon to help get the yolk out without damaging the egg.

           eggs2 chickeggs

Put top & bottoms aside and make your filling. I have my favorite recipe…make your filling anyway you want. Once I had my filling ready, I put it in a quart size bag, cut out a corner and filled my eggs just as you would if you were working with frosting. Easiest way to fill an egg anytime.



Once you have all your eggs filled (and over fill them as shown), put the caps on, add a sliver of carrot for the beak and whatever you want for the eyes. I hate olives so I used pieces of pickles…and WHA LA!


Deviled Easter Chicks

chickeggs2 chickeggs3

It looks labor intensive, but not really any more than making regular deviled eggs. This was fun and a huge hit!


Hope you had a Blessed Easter!