You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

When I entered West Point 29 years ago, I was academically prepared (or so I thought) but I certainly was NOT physically prepared. I was a NO GO at that station. It was immediately determined that I needed “remedial” PT (physical training) and not only did I have to suffer and be humiliated during regular PT with my peers, I got the privilege of doing an extra hour of PT with a group of physical misfits.

The “Master of the Sword” – aka the infamous Department of Physical Education (DPE) instructors got ahold of me and my fellow PT-NOGO’s and literally spent years torturing us with cartwheels, self-defense, indoor obstacle courses, PT tests & mandatory intramural sports (like flickerball – DA HELL).

…and eventually I was no longer a PT-NOGO. Just like that, fitness went from a chore to a lifestyle. I moved off of remedial PT to the Power Lifting Team where I won the 1984 NY State Powerlifting Competition for my weight class. I went from not being able to run up the block to finishing my 1st Marathon (Marine Corp) as a cadet. It took me 5 hours 19 min, but I finished.
            powerlifter mcmarathon
…and after I graduated, a former Master of the Sword, Maj M. Alexander, got his hands on me and had me get certified as an aerobics instructor as well as have us compete as an Army demo team at the Re.e.bok Aerobic Championships (remember those days?)
army 003 army 002
               army army 004
Some years passed in between then and now…I stayed active but not like before and it caught up to me. Life, genetics, life, kids, life got in the way and I got a little thicker. I started teaching kickboxing again. I started running again. I became firmer, leaner, but I’m still thick love. Alas. 

…and then my friend, Becca, asked me to do a Triathlon with her and I have become a Tri-Crackhead.
     IMG_3468                       IMG_3476 IMG_3518
…and now the journey continues. From PT-NOGO to Triathlete to Vice President of TriUnify – my Triathlon Club with Becca as the President. HOW ABOUT THAT!
AAAAANNNNDDD…I’m also involved (as Treasurer) of Strive2Tri – A Junior Triathlon Club. Please go over an check us out at www.strive2tri.org. Strive2Tri nurtures youth by:
  • Providing training, gear and access to local races.strive2tri
  • Challenging youth to work towards positive short and long term goals.
  • Managing a healthy weight through nutrition, education and exercise.
  • Volunteering in the community.
  • Encouraging family oriented recreation to support healthier living.
  • Fostering parental participation.
We are seeking sponsors, donations, volunteers, and looking for kids that would like to participate. Check us out and SWIM, BIKE, RUN.

I’ve come a long way over these last 25 years. *cue music*…Let’s get physical, physical…I wanna get PHYSSSSS-I-CAL!