These Are THE Good Times

I’m here in KY with my BFF & Soror, MsPattey. I just upped and registered her for the Derby Half Marathon this past November for her Birthday – what are good friends for if not to register your friends to run long azz races for hours – and in return she got us tickets to see Diana Ross for my birthday.


Who got the better deal?


I got off the plane and we went straight to the MAC counter at Macy’s and had eyelashes put on. We had decided we were going glammed up for the concert.

              IMG_1975 IMG_1976

I am now an eyelash JUNKIE! LOVE THEM!! LOVE THEM!! LOVE THEM!! I prolly wont wear them to work everyday, but they are now a full part of my Sparkle Diva Glam routine. How did I not have this as a part of my full Sparkle?


We got to the house, glammed up and went back up to Louisville to the concert.



Diana Ross was AWESOME! She is a true performer. She sang all the favorites and a few Billy Holiday tunes and did FIVE wardrobe changes. FABULOUS!!! Enjoy this little clip I put together from the concert.

Next to the Tina Turner Concert, Diana was just…great music & entertainment. Have you seen her in concert?


Off to pick up our race packets…