Army Navy 2006 & Open House

Saturday, Ron and I hosted our Annual Army Navy Football Party and this time we combined it with an open house. While the game was on and a few die hards watched and rooted for the Army Team, we spent most of the time doing tours of the house in shifts as guest arrived. At one point, we actually thought of having a sign up sheet with times that the tour would leave and we would use one of the Army flags so you could see the tour guide.

Army started out well that day, scoring early but never was able to get their act together after that. We lost AGAIN! Now I think it is 49 wins to 51 wins & 7 ties in favor of Navy. UGGGGGH! What's an alumni to do.

Despite the loss we went on to have a great time. Nevertheless, to add insult to injury on that day, the midshipman that we sponsor calls at 10pm that night and asks if she can come over to hang out - with a few of her classmates. They were given an overnight because they won - AND THAT IS MY PROBLEM HOW? - and didn't want to stay at the academy. Well, we told her sure as long as you can get here yourself. We had a house full of people still and couldn't drive to Annapolis to get her. Kelsy asks if its okay to bring a couple of people with her. A couple means 2 right? I said sure. She says there is 13 of them in total. AHHHH - okay. An hour later, 13 midshipmen show up on my doorstep and proceed to eat everything that isn't nailed down and have their own party. I come down in the morning to find midshipmen laid out everywhere. On the floor, couch, several in the media room - those chairs are comfortable - in the basement. As if they dropped where they lay. They were very nice, clean and respectful. They thought the 2 dozen dunkin donuts and box of joe was the coolest. Amazing how you can impress.

Maybe we can make our comeback next year. Later...


  1. Great Party Lisa!!!!!! Shouts-out from Chicago (Cold as hell now!!!!!).

    Nate, Walt and Eric

  2. you could have tattooed there foreheads while they slept!!! Another opportunity blown!!!
    Glad your party went well, though I knew it would.