Farewell to Pfizer

Praise God! The blessings of my Lord & Savior are upon me. It is with a glad & joyous heart that I announce my separation from Pfizer. The past 15 years with Pfizer presented me with many opportunities and challenges and I made numerous friends within the organization. Although I will miss the day to day interactions with my Pfizer colleagues and clients, it is now time for me to embark on a new set of professional and personal opportunities.

This blessing has given me the time, opportunity and most importantly - finances - to pursue my true interests, dreams and desires. I always prayed of being in a position to chase my dreams by the age of 40. Well, PRAISE GOD, this has come to pass. "Blessed is the man who perseveres through trials, for once he is approved, he shall inherit the kingdom of God. "James 1:12.

I wish all of my Pfizer colleagues that have been "retained" the best and as a Pfizer stock holder, I will continue to fully support you and the company in your mission to be the most valued company in the world.

Until we meet again...