A Diva Christmas Story

Wow! This has to have been one of the best Christmas's ever! Ron definitely outdid himself this year. We started Christmas up at my mother's place with breakfast and then opened presents there. Cara made out like a bandit with her Dora stuff - and as I overheard in Walmart - "That Dora B--tch is everywhere." Everyone had a great time and the kids all got something off their wish list. We then went downstairs to the "old and busted" section of the house and opened presents. I gave Ron an old fashioned looking record player (actually plays LPs - but also is an AM/FM radio & CD player). He loved it. He has it already set up and dug out his old LPs to play. I was so glad that I got him something he liked. It is so had to pick a gift for the guy who never asks for anything or makes any indication beyond wanting new socks and underwear. It's definitly a challenge. Ron gave me a Nordstrom Gift card with enough on it to do some real damage, a gift certificate to my gym's Spa, and Cartier pen and pencil set as a "congrats" for the new job and then he went behind the couch and pulled out a bag from Littman's Jewelers. He gave me the most beautiful diamond tennis braclet. I thought I had just died and gone to Diva Heaven. I don't think I'm gonna ever take it off. He told me that it was for hanging tough for the three years of construction, never doubting him (even though I did, I was scared - I just never spoke it out loud) always supporting him. Guess I'm going to have to step it up a notch in the "Good Wife" department.

After a few drinks to grid our loins, we loaded up and went over to Grandma Willie's for the Christmas feast. We opened some presents and then sat down to consume great quanities of food for she made enough for a small army. I thought I was gonna explode and then the triptophan kicked in and I passed out for a short time on the couch. We packed up again and then came back to the house.

Now we are just maxin' and relaxin' and enjoying the holiday spirit. I hope all of my friends, family and fellow bloggers had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.