New York City - Just Getting There Could Kill You

Today Erin and I set off for NYC for her Birthday Trip to the Big Apple. We are staying with Aunt Valerie and she came back from visiting family in Texas to ride the train up to the city with us. We make it to the train at BWI Airport without event (except for Ron nagging the shit out of us about leaving on time). We get on the train and it is complete pandemonium - everybody seems to be traveling north after the holiday. We barely find seats in the next to the last car. I sit in an empty seat, but there is an coat in the seat beside me. No person - for a LONG time. About 20 minutes into the ride, Fat Bastard shows up from the Cafe Car. OH MY GOD! He has a T-Shirt on that he cut the arms off of - so if he lifted up his arms (which he did) you could get a nice view and smell of his ARM PITTS!!! Lord Jesus help me now. The conductor comes by, takes one look at my stricken face and tells me that 3 seats will be available together in 5 minutes as soon as we get to the next station. Whew!

Well, it's noon now and I'm hungry, so off I venture to the Cafe Car. While standing in line, I notice this women behind me that has this really short buzz cut with a Rat Tail. What -is that some kind of modified Mullet? Anyway, I'm gonna mind my business except these 2 couples sitting at a dinning table decide that they are NOT going to mind their business and proceed to discuss the fashion sense of a rat tail hair cut. The woman's son says "Mommy, those people (pointing) are talking about your hair." Oh Hell! There is definitely not enough room in this car for a scuffle. I couldn't get out of there fast enough as the Rat Tail woman started telling them a thing or two. The rest of the ride was uneventful; however, since we were daydreaming, sleeping and reading we almost missed our stop. Managed to get off just in time.

We arrived safely at Val's house and then went out to 59th Street for some mindless shopping. Went to Nine West - awesome sale! Two pairs of shoes down. Spent the rest of the evening in Bloomingdales where everything (except wallets for some reason) was 30 -60% off. We did wander around the 4th floor - Designers - and I found a wonderful pair of silver St. John slacks and matching jacket that was on sale already and then another 30% off. AWESOME!

We finally decided we were starving and went back to Val's, dropped the bags and went across the street to a really nice Italian restaurant called Cafe Buon Gusto. The food was great! We rolled out of there and up the street to get some snacks from the grocery. We are safely tucked in back at Valerie's place having a carpet picnic.

A great 1st day in the city... till tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Was the restaurant like "Gusto's" in Rome, Italy we visited?

  2. Yeah, but were those pants LESS than $500?

    Love and kisses,

    Who STILL can't get over it!

    P.S. You know, I would have given ANYTHING to see your face when the FB showed up and lifted his arms!!! LMAO!