Christmas Eve with Friends or...

...how to sit in a folding chair from IKEA. I spent another Christmas Eve with my girlfriends from high school. Each year we come up with a theme for the gift exchange and my theme was "All is Calm, All is Bright." My mother even threw in one of her famous cakes for each person. After we exchange gifts, we do an ornament contest...which is now gotten out of control. It has really turned into a competition between Karen and I as we usually make our ornaments from scratch. Cathy has given up the ghost on participating since some of us have alledgedly violated the rules of the contest - WHAT RULES.
Anyway, I became the brunt of the jokes because I kept falling out of Jesselyn's Ikea's folding chairs. Well, there is a method to actually sitting in these chairs. You must have both butt cheeks firmly planted on these damn chairs. Not just one or the freakin' thing will topple over and it is really hard to fall off of those chairs looking like a diva. Karen spent the night re-enacting the fall in slow motion. Just remember, those chairs are a two cheek chair.
Merry Christmas.

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  1. You always have so much fun! I wish you shared the Horribly embarassing "one cheek on the chair" video, though!
    Merry Christmas!