What is your status?

Tomorrow is the day I (and all of the Account Managers at Pfizer) find out thier "STATUS" Kinda sounds like I'm sitting around waiting to get the results of my HIV or HepC test. I suppose I'm supposed to be depressed an anxious waiting to hear if I've been "retained. Not in the least. Haven't missed a minute of sleep. All this week the senior leadership was finding out what their status was. No big surprises except for one SVP that got slapped from VP of a sales division back to VP of Learning & Development. Sales is where the money is at and how you get to move up in the company. L&D is pure overhead. SAD. Several others were close to retirement and just decided to go now. My regional manager found out his "status" yesterday but hasn't said anything to us yet. Tomorrow morning is when I'll get my phone call and - God Willing - I'll get the "I regret to inform you that you are not being retained" message. What an opportunity it would be to have the generous severance package and have the time to do some soul searching to find out what your next adventure in life will be. Either way, it's okay.
I'm going to the gym in the morning, coming home to wait for my call, off to Let's Dish to prepare some meals for the family (awesome concept) and then out to dinner with Ron to celebrate either way. Of course we are going to our favorite Restaurant - the Iron Bridge...and I promise...I'll be eating the dessert.

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  1. Lisa!
    Praying for you! AND I wish we could go with you to the iron bridge tonight!