The Social Life of a 2 Year Old

Cara still doesn't quite understand the whole Christmas deal yet, but she sure is enjoying the festivities that surround it. My mom took Cara to a pottery shop where Santa was working on some gifts. She got to pick an item to paint (she naturally picked one of the more pricey items instead of the little kids plate) and to sit with Santa. She didn't want to sit on Santa's lap - who's that strange fat man - so he came over to the table they were painting at for a picture.

She still gave him the crazy eyes - "back up fat man." She cracks me up with the looks she comes up with. I just wish they came with a pop up box with commentary in them. On Friday, her school had their Christmas "Play". The 2 years old class sang two songs and did a pretty good job considering the attention span. It was real cute.