Isla Mujeres - Cancun Day 2

We were picked up at the hotel by an "amigo" that spoke un poquito engleis to go on our Catamaran sailing tour to La Isla Mujeres (The Woman Island). Why it is called that - no se. Another terrifying van ride to the drop off point. Mi Amigo dropped us in a parking lot and said "go that way" pointing to an alley. Okay. We finally followed some other sheep behind the hotel and found the marina where we spent 20 minutes figuring out where the heck we were supposed to check in. After we got settled we played in some hammocks and waited to board.

Let the party begin. We sailed out into the Caribbean towards the island and at 9 am we started drinking tequila sunrises. NO FOOD. The water was spectacular - a brilliant tourquise that you just couldn't capture on film. After about an hour sail we arrived just of the coast of Ilsa Mujeres where we stopped to snorkle. It was at that moment that we found out the Erica could not swim. No matter. Fernando rugged a life ring around them both and took her out in the water. She hung on for dear life but after about 10 minutes she got her float on and put her face in the water. She had one of those AHA! - I'm overcoming moments and we celebrated once back on the boat with more tequila.

Back on the boat, we sailed around to the dock and got off for some lunch & shopping. Haggle, Haggle, Hustle, Hustle over some dumb knick-knacks and we were off for the return sail back to Cancun. We did some dancing - the requisite congo line and some line dances ( there is even a Mexican version of the Cupid Shuffle)....

...And that's when a whole heap of stupid happened. They broke out the Spinnaker (cheap version of parasailing) and hooked it up to the back of the Catamaran. STOOOOPIT (that would be me) volunteered to ride the thing FIRST. It was fun while in the air but the getting off is a killer. All I gotta say is "That Shyt Hurt...dumb azz." Here's the lesson...if they don't demo the contraption first - DON'T DO IT.
Other Tips:
- When they say jump - DON'T
- If someone says it hurts and looks like they nearly drowned - DON'T jump up and say me

Problem was, nobody cared that I hit the water like a rock. These people kept on getting on the contraption until there was a concussion...and even then 2 people did it while we tended to this kid who cracked his melon on the boat. Some young guy from Seattle was foolin around while people were flying on the back of the boat. He slipped and cracked his head on the deck. Running and Jumping on the boat after a day of drinkin tequila don't mix. STOOPIT.

Lesson of the Day: 3 shots of tequila = te-kill-ya.