Sassy Hair

I got me a new hair do and a touch up on my color on Friday. Sported it at the National Sales Network DC/Baltimore Chapter Fall Networking Party last night. I just am loving my new short, sassy bob. Freaked Ron out when I walked in the door on Friday but he is liking it now.


  1. I love it and your dress, too, but please stop! You are KILLING me! I'll never catch up! NEVER!
    Have mercy!

  2. You women and your hair! It's amazing how a scissor clip here and a curl there and an iota of color can change a woman's complete image of herself. Obviously, Lisa of the red dress, you approve of the change. You leap of the screen with a self-confidence that says, "I'm in the room! Look but don't drool!"

    I must write a character who transforms completely with a new coif, a little make-up, and new dress. She'll be sassy, and of course, she'll be evil. Look for her in "Beasts of West Point" as I continue the series.

    On the eve of Thanksgiving, Ron had better be thankful for Sassy Lisa of the red dress!

    Beat Navy!

    PS Who is the wonderful creature in the gray dress?

  3. Anonymous12:14 AM

    You look amazing in that dress Mrs. Lisa