MSA - Mexican Security Agency Rant

While I love to travel, the getting to and fro is the part I simply hate the most. It is just such a pain the the freakin' azz that I just want to slap somebody silly.

We arrive at the Cancun International Airport 2 hours early for International travel...let the games begin. We get our luggage checked without incident and then proceed to the security checkpoint. Spare me the madness. They confiscate my mothers vanilla at the security checkpoint (she forgot it was with other gifts in her bag). So sorry. On the other side of the the checkpoint is the largest duty free mall that you have to walk thru to get to your gate. WTF! You take my shyat and then re-offer it to me to re-purchase. RAT BAAAASTIDS. Why would I want to purchase more liquid stuff (alcohol, perfume, etc) only to have it confiscated AGAIN once you go thru customs & security to catch your connection. I simply couldn't trust them when they said that "Oh, no, they won't take it from you. Your good if you buy it from here." BULL. Not buying it.

And then there is my airline....Spirit Air - AKA - Screw You Air - (screw you out of every dime). You have to pay to check ANY bags ($10 in advance, $20 at the gate- round trip). You have to pay for ANY snacks or beverages on the plane - $3 for soda, $2-4 for snacks, $5 for alcohol. Legalized financial rape all in the name of saying they have the lowest fares on earth. Whatever. Not after you tack on airport tax, international tax, security tax etc etc onto each ticket. Just gotta make sacrifices in the name of travel.

Anyway, we stop at a shot to get our own snacks for the plane. The lady rings up our purchases...$10...mom gives 'em $20. The cashier wants to give us back $5 & 50 pesos in change. NO MFN' WAY! Erin looks down into the cash register and points out that she can give us $5 bill and 5-$1 bills for our change. This woman looks at us all pained and crazy like and says she doesn't want to give us her dollar bills. Only Pesos. If you don't want your own mfn' currency, what makes you think I want that worthless shyat? Finally, after arguing with her that we were NOT taking the pesos, she gives us the $5 bill, 3-$1 bills and $2 in quarters. FINE!!!!! NO MORE PESOS.

We arrive in Ft. Lauderdale and have to de-plane, get our luggage and go thru customs. Once that is completed, we have to recheck our bags and go thru security AGAIN!!!!! This time we went through a contraption that looked like an upright MRI machine which blew a bunch of air at you and then scanned you. Found out that machine checked your for explosives. WOW. Then we went thru the metal detector, where my shoe strap promptly breaks. UGGGGGAHHHH!

We made it to the gate and are now waiting to board for our final leg back to DC. The Party is OVER. Back to work.

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  1. Poor baby. Glad you're home safe though!
    See you soon.