Happy 80th Birthday G-Ma Willie

Today is officially Grandma Willie's 80th Birthday, but the party was Saturday night and we had a blast. I had to get G-ma her own box of tissue to carry around cause she cried all night.

We had family come all the way up from Florida and lots of local friends who know G-ma Willie. I have to admit that my Grandmother is a piece of work and when she says some things that you wouldn't even think of actually saying out loud to someones face, I just shake my head and pray that I make it to be 80 years old. Couple of facts bout G-ma:

1. She is an ORIGINAL Diva - like way back - old school.

2. Old School is an understatement...to this day my grandmother clucks her tongue at me and tsk tsk baby...your man is gonna leave you if you keep wearing tshirts to bed and not having your hair and makeup done when he gets up. RIIIGHT! My grandfather (rest his soul) NEVER saw my g-ma without her hair and makeup totally put together. NEVER...I know...I lived with her for several years when I was young....and I never saw her any other way but beautiful. PERIOD.

3. She may be 80 but she has the mind of an elephant and keeps score. If you are one of my girlfriends, then you are one of Willie's girls. Willie's girls don't do things like forget her birthday, Mothers Day, Christmas. If you do, so help you. You are gonna hear about it. My girl Val got read the riot act (in the nicest grandma way) at a party several years back. Here's how the conversation goes:

Willie: Lisa, how's your friend Pattey?
Me: She's doing great, grandma.
Willie (to Val): You know Pattey ALLLLLWAYS remembers to send me a card or call me during the holidays. She is so sweet. I'm sure you've been REEEEAL buys and all.
Val: Ummmmmmm
Willie: Lisa, baby, some of your friends and just SOOOOO kind.

Valerie hasn't forgotten an event yet. Matter of fact, Val was the first gift to arrive from people who could not attend the party. Well done Val - she is still talking about how thoughtful you are. Redeemed.

4. Don't argue with Grandma. She is right, period. Took me a long time to get used to her saying stuff like..."Baby, you shouldn't take Jordan into Baltimore to play sports, he is gonna get himself killed. I saw it on the news." Stop watching the news, grandma. That ain't gonna happen, so just go "Really, grandma? I'll keep a good watch." Arguing with her is futile. She always wins. Besides, she is 80 years old. She can say whatever she wants to, wear purple and spit.

Here are a few of the gems Grandma said at the party:
- "Girl, I haven't seen you in so long. You've grown so much and gotten a little thick. "(WOW)
- (Opening a card with nothing but well wishes inside) - "Well, that was thoughtful." (You just had to hear the tone)
- (Patting guest on the knee, while opening gifts) - "Don't worry, you didn't have to bring any anything." RIIIGHT.

Grandma Willie is set in her ways and, on occasion, gets on my last nerve, but she is family and we love her just the same.

Happy Birthday Grandma. I'm working on putting together a DVD with her tribute, the clip above and a slide show of pictures from the party. I'll have pics up later.