Last Day - Cancun, Mexico

We spent a lazy day on our last day of our Mexico Adventure. We got up, had some breakfast and went off to the mall for some last minute shopping. I found a wonderful silver piece for the wall that is of the Aztec calendar. I can't wait to get the wall I'm gonna put it on painted and lit to hang this piece. I also bought some black clay statues and vase for a center piece on a sofa table. I picked up a gift for The Pollhein's...can't descend on their house for Thanksgiving empty handed. I know she will love it.

After we got back from the mall, we hung out at the beach for the rest of the day and took some Charlies Angels shots while trying to teach Pattey the art of posing for a picture. Different looks for different moods. She making significant progress.

There were these men from the Westin walking all over the beach with this portable massage stand giving people free minute massages. I layed there and watched while he gave this one man with a super hairy back and a speedo on (EEEEEWWWWWWAH). Massage Man finished with Hairy Speedo and started walking towards us. He stopped and asked Pattey if she wanted a free massage. She said, "No, but the probably do." Have you lost your ever lasting mind? Did you see Massage Man wash his hands or even use some anti-bacterial spray? Can anyone say MRSA? I thought I was gonna hurl. HELLLLLLLLLAH NO! I don't want your nasty, staph infection passin self to touch my back. Do you freakin know how much I've paid for this bod? I don't want to die of some Ebola virus in a Mexican hospital. MOVE ALONG Massage Man - nothing to see.
We laid there drinking pitchers of Sangria, played in the waves until the life guard warned us of the undertow and walked the beach. Later that night we went back to the pool (Brisa Breeze Bar) for the "Unwind" event - which consisted of 3 different appetizers for $7 US dollars. Well, that was gonna be what dinner was so we ate the stuff like we were gonna shut the place down. At 6pm they had "Happy Hour" (and when they say 1 hour, they mean it) with 2 for 1 drinks. They actually brought your 2 of whatever your ordered. Guess you can't keep track. We downed a bunch more Tequila Sunrises and a couple of Daiquiri's and then trudged back upstairs to start the packing process. BUMMER.
Major Dilemma...how to get it all home and not exceed the luggage weight limit? Challenges, Challenges.

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  1. Yall look like yall had a BALL! I cant wait to go somewhere other than Canada! :) Who am I kidding...I havent even been to Canada in years...and I live right across the bridge!