Random Ramblings from the TravelDiva

I have had a lot of things to talk about, but I've been way too busy and moving way too fast to sit down and elaborate so here ya go with some more random thoughts....

- I don't know about anybody else, but I am so glad that I can watch a movie for pure mind numbing enjoyment...to just watch stuff get broken, blown up, and/or killed and not look for every continuity, plot, or racism issue lurking around every corner.

- Honestly, most times, I just don't care. Pleasure for the pure pleasure of it. Anything else makes my head hurt and I certainly ain't paying to do the analysis...Imma need to get paid for that.

- I also don't look for racism around every corner - and especially not in two friggin ROBOTS!!! - Seriously. Whattheeffever.

- And what makes it even more STOOPIT is that the same people who got their panties in a bunch over the fact that the "Twin" robots in Transformer were stereotypical or created with a racist intent, cosigned the fugnuckery that was on BET. Was not the behavior, dress, attitude (just the whole damn thing) a hot damn stereotypical, racist, live up to the myths mess?

- I'm just saying.

- And Joe Jackson need to SIT THE EFF DOWN SOMEWHERE. Nobody cares. At least I don't.

- I quit Mafia Wars. I have had enough. It was becoming a complete waste of my time, it was boring and I was just sick of all the "stuff" clogging up my newsfeed.

- Move along...nothing to see here people...move along.

- I hate it when people say "must be nice". Guess what - it friggin IS nice.

- If I don't accept your invitation to be a fan of your MLM page on FB for the 5th time, if I decline your invitation to a MLM meeting for the 20th time - THEN STOP FRIGGIN SENDING THEM TO ME! I am NOT coming. I am NOT joining your business. I have plenty of "friends for life." I will still be a success even if I don't join you in your venture. GET OVER YOURSELF.

- You know what else I don't care about...What your color is, What MJ song you are, What computer you are....NONE OF IT. NOBODY CARES. Why do people still publish that mess on FB. SKIP please.

- It still amazes me to no end what women will put up with in the name of/hope of love. All I can do is SMH. When are we ever gonna learn.

- That scenario that CreoleInDC put up regarding DontDateHim.com made me ill. Another reason why I am glad I'm married to my Knight and don't have to deal with that kind of mess. Let me tell you, I would be an episode of Law & Order:SVU cause that fool would for sure be a SPECIAL VICTIM.

- I don't believe you. I have an excellent memory and I don't recall anything like that EVER happening. As far as I'm concerned, it never did. I don't believe you.

- It is NEVER gonna happen. Don't even ask, hint, insinuate. I will crush you like a bug.

- I may seem like a really "nice lady" but, truth be told...I can be pretty damn harsh. You've been warned.

- I took "Baby" into the Mercedes dealership to have the oil changed. I felt like MJ's Liberian Girl as I walked through the dealership. Perhaps it was because I was wearing my Yoga clothes (I did have a cover up on though). I think I was changing some worlds.

- While wating on the car, this rather handsome man sat down next to me and I swooned...Not because of his good looks, but because he poured the entire bottle of cologne over his body. I couldn't breath.

- My mother (aka - Angry White Woman) slays me. She is funny as shyat and I was absolutely positive that we were going to get shanked while we was hanging at National Harbor. She is a loud whisperer..."Hey! There is Starbright!"...as she point at a chick wearing cammo tights and a sequined top. I would like a new mother please.

- I've been cleaning like a fanatic cause I hate coming home from vacation to a messy house.

- Passports...Check. Travel Documents...Check. Luggage....Check. One more day and we will be chilling on the beach...It IS gonna be really nice.

What going on with you?