Hill Hell


Yeah…that’s what I’m in right now- recovering from HILL HELL! Yesterday, I went to a workout with the PG Run Club and what was on the schedule…HILL INTERVALS. We ran a mile UP A HILL to a park, entered the park and then ran down this crazy azz hill. We gathered at the bottom and we did 8 hill repeats (run up that forsaken hill for a minute trying a different technique/adding on each time). I wanted to just DIE!


I did it. ALL 8 INTERVALS and ran back to the car.


Then, tonight,  I went a swallowed the crazy koolaid and went on a 20 (22 to be exact) mile bike ride with a group of mostly guys that ride like a bats out of hell on a hilly course…and I gave it EVERYTHING I had in me to keep up. I pushed until I thought I was gonna hurl. Then, my buddy, TaniaB, took pity on my pathetic, suffering soul and hung back with me giving me the MOST AWESOME cycling tips along the way – and MADE me implement them as we rode. She saved my life.


I got home and dragged myself into the house. It prolly looked more like a modified low crawl. I knew I had pushed these past two days to the limit. I gave it my all…in hopes of those inches/seconds of improvement. This whole Triathlon business is not for sissies. I may cry (I often do), but I keep pushing – nobody really can’t tell the difference between tears & sweat/pool water. Just keep it moving.


Do or Do Not. There is No Try…only TRIATHLON!