UPDATE: Princess Cara’s Garden Gone Wild

O.M.G!!! Princess Cara’s Garden has Gone WILD!!! We are producing cucumbers the size of legs, the vines for the cucumbers & watermelon are all over the damn place…we are about to be over run. HEEEEELLLLPPPP!


LOL. I finally figured out that I could grow these plants vertically (thank you Terri), went out and bought a bunch of cages and got busy untangling the “foliage” to train it to grow UP. Let’s see how this goes.



Check out our progress so far… I’ve got so many cucumbers now, I’m planning on making some pickles (bread & butter slices) – GREEN ACRES IS WHERE I WANNA BE!

                 cukes  tomatoes

                 watermelon  squash

Watermelon soon…the zucchini – which I started from seed is started to come to life. I’m going to train them vertically so we don’t get overrun. I wish the red peppers would turn red.