Personal Paparazzi

I just HAD to give a shout out to the QueenMum – my mother @GmaSandyL. She went with me to the Finger Lakes and sat/stood out in the sun for hours while I did the Mini-Mussel Triathlon. She acted as my personal paparazzi for the entire weekend documenting all of our fun (antique shopping, street fair, motorcycle riding, hanging at a beautiful Victorian home, triathlon) for the weekend. When I say she takes the most fabulous pictures – IMHO – she TAKES FABULOUS PICTURES!


I thought I would share some of her AWESOMENESS with you….


IMG_3415 IMG_3413 IMG_3425

How about this from my ride on @LeaderhipJoe’s Motorcycle to pick up my triathlon race packet…

IMG_3427 IMG_3421

IMG_3433 IMG_3423 IMG_3430

Most importantly….Don’t forget to…