Nighty Night

As cute as Princess Cara is…she snores like she is mowing down Yosemite National Forest. AND grinds her teeth on occasion. So, on a recommendation from my Dental Hygienist friend (and personal torturer trainer extraordinaire),CathyD,  I took her to my pediatrician who said that her tonsils were HUGE and she might have OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). That lead to a referral to an ENT (which took 30 days & a $50 copay to get in to see) who decided that it wasn’t just a simple matter of taking her tonsils out and be done with it.


He wanted to make absolutely sure that it was in fact OSA and that she NEEDED her tonsils out before he put her under the knife for something she just might out grow. Good for him. I liked him immediately.


No so good for me as I sit in the bowels of Howard County General with the Princess as she snores down the building. Was I supposed to sleep too?

     sleepstudy  sleepstudy2

And with the nurse coming in every 30 min to adjust something on her…SERIOUSLY? No rest for the weary. Hopefully, I can get a few hours sleep before sunrise…and we still have to wait for the results to come back. SIGH!


Have you ever done a sleep study?

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  1. I agree with your strong point. How can they expect patients to sleep when the patient is wired with so many trackers and a nurse comes in and adjust something every 30 minutes.