A Lesson in Entrepreneurship

Tonight The FireMarshall and I were out having dinner before a movie. He went back to the car to put our doggie bags away and was stopped by a little girl with a box of handmade magnets..."Excuse me Sir, would you like to buy one of my crafts?" The FM stops, looks in the box & asks the girl how she came to be selling crafts in the mall parking lot. The girls mother steps out of the shadows and says, "my daughter really wanted to have a job & since she couldn't get one, I told her to create her own."

The FM loves the entrepreneurial spirit, and asked how much? She said $2. FM said, "Good, cause all I have is $3 in my wallet. I'll take one and the extra $1 is for building your own business. Keep up the good work."

I love it. This little girl is learning the hustle & work ethic at a young age producing a quality product.

She's gonna make it big time