The Rain & 7th Level of Hell Ride

This morning a bunch of us from TriUnify attempted to go on our 2nd group ride for 30 miles (combo of Columbia Tri/Iron Girl route). Our first ride two Saturday’s ago was great despite 2 flat tires, a chain falling off & a fall. This morning we were greeted to more mayhem in the form of dark clouds, thunder & lightening…but the sun was shining just round the way. Seriously. We made the command decision to go with the ride, got about 2 miles out and WHOOOSH!!!…the heavens opened and it started pouring. We turned around and headed back to the park. I needed windshield wipers on my eyebrows, it was raining so hard.


We got back to the cars and tried to wait it out…but gave up after about 15 minutes when it was still coming down cats & dogs.

rainride_becca rainride_lisa

We went back to my house and had breakfast and tried to decide what we were going to do for our workout. Well, after several panny cakes, eggs & bacon…everybody went their separate ways to try again another day.


NOT ME! My crazy ass decided that I would do a 20 mile ride from my house. DA HELL WAS I THINKING?!!


“Somebody call 911. Shorty Fire Burning on the dance floor bike seat. OHHOOHAH!”


That was me. I got out about 9-10 miles and the overcast clouds WERE GONE and the hot fiery ball of death was upon me. I felt like I was in the center of the HEAT DOME. Out the window went the 13-14 mph pace. I was just happy to be able to pedal. The air was so thick & hot that powering up the GAZILLION hills was damn near impossible. At mile 15 or so…FUGG THOSE BIG HILLS. I just got off the bike and walked up those hills. It was so bad that I actually contemplated calling someone at the house and getting them to come and pick my on fire ass up out of the heat. I made it back to the house and promptly threw myself into a cool shower while downing (2 bottles of water – yes, in the shower).


22 miles. DONE! Jesus be AC unit.


The saving grace…I snagged me one of these jerseys today! I AM A TRIATHLETE!…and even more importantly…I AM THE 12th MAN!